Good Reads!

Since I’ve been doing so much navel gazing, I decided to make up for it by delivering a quality roundup.

Below you’ll find a short list of exceptional sources of amusement and delight.

Grab a cup of coffee, because you’re gonna be here for a while.

Ellie Guzman    

Ellie is a jaw-dropping writer. This gal specializes in satirical humor, but she also writes serious posts concerning issues of the day.

Aside from being a good writer, she also excels at rebuffing idiots in the comments section. She’s a gun-mouthed, Grace Slick-style dynamo, and those who cross her do so at their own risk.  I have a serious crush on Ellie’s writing.

She’s made plugging a link to her best stuff super easy, since she compiled all her best posts in one entry, which you can find here. My favorites are this one, this one, and this one.


ThunderPuff is kind of like Ellie Guzman, only less biting.

She’s less biting, but a little more psycho (in the best way possible).

My favorite ThunderPuff posts concern the hazards of corporate culture.  She also illustrates all her posts, and her drawings are friggin’ awesome.  How much cooler can a person get?   My favorite is this one.

Smells Like Infinite Sadness

This one is for the rock lovers and culture buffs.

SMIS is a gold mine of articles about music, especially from the grunge/alternative era.

I’ve bookmarked more articles than I can count on this site.  You can read about old favorites, or you can discover underground artists you’ve never heard of.

The site features articles and interviews.  I’m not a comic nerd or a movie buff, but fans of either genre can find additional caverns of delight in those areas.

That’s it for now.

Have a great week everybody.





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