I can’t find an audio app that doesn’t pick up allll the string squeak on that last one. The last one I made up and it’s called “Billy Corgan and Ani Difranco had a Baby.” heh heh heh heh. You’ll see.



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    • Thanks 😊. These days I can be DAMN LAZY about practicing. I just played for an hour and a half…and it seemed like Forever Long. Heh. One has to build up to it, much like working out. And like, the further you get away from that shit, the harder it is.
      Last winter I was practicing 3 hours. Anyway thank you so much for the compliment.

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  1. Very nice! I’m a guitar player, and we all deserve our guitars. Why not. If I still owned the first guitar (my step dad gave me in 1964,) I’d still be working on that F chord in House of the Rising Sun! (Let’s just say the thing would have made a great egg slicer.)
    I’m new to WordPress, so now you have laid down a challenge: how to get an audio file in the post.
    Googled Taylor Grand Pacific–congrats!

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    • Thanks Roy. I have not practiced in months. All that progress gone! Audio in posts – if you want the ability to upload them directly from your phone or other personal device, you gotta pay for a Personal Plan with WordPress. It’s fairly cheap, but it’s still kind of shitty of WordPress. I am about to let my Personal Plan lapse, actually, because I am on a budget. Someone gave me a great tip though. He said setup an account with SoundCloud and just link to it from WordPress. That tells me SoundCloud must be free. So there’s your tip of the day! Thanks for reading and listening.

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      • I would like to be able to post some MP3s once in awhile. I like to compose little ditties (as opposed to actual, full length songs) and I hate to think that they’ll be lost in the aether when I’m gone. Although maybe in the big scheme of things, our actions and words and sounds are meant to “happen” only, and not permanently etch the universe. I mean, even Thomas Edison’s little wax drum recording thingee is going to melt someday.
        String squeak. We accept it as part of the personality of the acoustic guitar, but, yeah, it can get too loud. In the absence of a “real” recording app that allows control over the entire spectrum (of course the squeaks are in the highest frequency range, and can be “rolled off,) you can aim the recording device more at the sound hole, and closer to it, if you can get away with it without distortion.
        You can also buy “flat wound” strings, and there will be no squeak–however your guitar will lose some of its airy, or “woody” character. It’s a trade-off. Most difficult is to modify your playing style, I think. Not sure about that. Something about how you transition between chords.
        I’m not an expert or a pro by any means. Grain of salt.
        Have a good week.

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      • I like your spiritual observation about impermanence. It aligns with the direction I’m going in. 🙂 And this bit about Edison’s wax melting is funny too, and a good point.
        I assumed that the string squeak was shitty technique on my part. But, as you sort of indirectly point out, changing technique is quite hard when one has years-long habits built in. I have to say – I think I once tried flat-wound strings and didn’t like them. They were too dull or something. I still have not got back to practicing, I really need to stop being lazy one of these days. I’ll use this conversation thread as my inspiration, perhaps.

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