Anxiety – Stop The Fear Right Now

This post is designed for people having panic attacks or severe anxiety right now. Feel free to bookmark for later use if desired.

Emergency Level (Panic Attack / Anxiety Attack)

That video is amazing.  Something about her voice and the river is highly effective – and it works fast. Listening once always works for me, but listen twice if needed.

Less Intensity Level Anxiety (but you’re still anxious and uncomfortable)

This post will guide you through anxiety relief from highest intensity to lower intensity. After listening to the emergency anxiety relief video above, I recommend this one:

This guy either keeps moving stuff around or breaking my link somehow. I own the mp3, so if this keeps happening I will figure out how to cut the mp3 down in size and upload it. Providing a link to his website as I do so, of course.

The video above also works nicely for irritable anxiety; anger, hostility, and aggressive impulses. It might take a little while. If it’s not working, try some other videos on this page.

If the prior video is too abrasive for your level, this gentle song might work. This sounds like massage table music.

Is it time to go to bed? Or are you at home and able to take a nap? Try this wonderful sleep hypnosis meditation below by Jody Whitely. A few minutes into the video she starts talking about melting… a soothing melting sensation, all your trapped energy just melting away.  That works great for me.

This one is probably not appropriate for emergency level anxiety. It requires a little more concentration. Try this one after something else here has taken your anxiety down quite a few notches.

The video below was actually recommended to me by a therapist in the past.

At the start, “Weightless” feels like it’s going to be too intense. But very quickly it molds into an incredibly soothing sound. It was written in collaboration with sound therapists.

You are on a shining beach at mid-day. Seagulls waddle by. The sun breaks through the clouds creating a silvery vacillating effect, adding to your relaxation.

“Drift” is awesome. But a little way in there is a mild “helicopter” effect thing that some might find too intense. This one is not for full-on panic level. Possibly it’s not designed for anxiety. But it works for me and it’s a great song.

Other tips:

Take a cold shower.

ICE COLD. It forces you to take in a big gulp of air. Almost against your will, really. It forces the issue if you are really having trouble slowing down enough to do breathing exercises. Trust me – if you have severe anxiety or panic – it won’t even be hard for you to keep the lever turned to ice cold the entire duration of the shower.

Last time I had a bad one, I took an ice cold shower and then listened to the “Emergency” video I plugged at the beginning of this post. Worked like a charm.

Pop a sugar free cough drop in your mouth.

It’s the menthol. Works for me, might work for you. Why sugar free? Because the ones with sugar taste like shit to me. I always have sugar free Hall’s lozenges around. It makes these videos even more effective. This is an old trick I learned from back in my stoner days. It relieved both the coughing and the occasional self-induced paranoia ;). It was an accidental discovery that menthol helps anxiety, but I use it to this very day.

Thanks for reading and be well.


18 responses to “Anxiety – Stop The Fear Right Now”

  1. I find guided meditations and all these supposedly calming anti-anxiety videos/audios effing annoying! The sounds are usually repetitive which irks my soul and the talking! OMG – just please shut up! Oh course I am probably the odd-man out here…

    Liked by 1 person

    • This is true for many of them. I am very picky. I assure you that the ones I have selected above were selected specifically because they are not annoying.
      I myself have spent a lot of time on YouTube trying to find, say,, a morning meditation and have been appalled at the amount of guides with nervous, whiny, high pitched voices. People who want to be helpful but do not have enough self-awareness to realize they don”t have the talent.
      Both the first video here and the one by Jody Whitely feature women who I think are highly talented and have soothing voices.

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  2. Yeah, no. Perhaps because I find meditating annoying I find these annoying. Breathe in through your nose, exhale. Listen to your breath…OMFG no. I know how to breathe, been doing it for close to 75 years now…Oooh…hit one of my buttons LOL These just make my anxiety worse, or maybe alleviate it a bit because they give me something else to think about – how much I hate them, and that distracts me from my real problems. (I’m laughing at myself here, I’m in a good enough mood at the moment to find this funny.)

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re not alone, lots of people find it challenging and annoying I think.
      I sometimes do morning meditations but it’s made easier for me because I am an extreme visualizer. I listen to all the sounds in the environment and quietly gather strength. Much like… well, Christian prayer really. For me it’s almost prayer. But I will admit I can seldom keep it going for more than 5 or 10 minutes.

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    • I’m so glad! 🥰. The first one (with the river) is my go-to for a panic attack. And I listen to the Jody Whitely sleep hypnosis for anxiety pretty much every night now. I honestly think that part of the reason I am pulling through anxiety quicker and it’s becoming limited in duration is because I am brainwashing myself every night with Jody’s programming. That lady is an angel.

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