Caroline, Part I

I’m thinking I will do character sketches. People I have known in the past. If I finish before I am done, I’ll complete the sketch in the next entry. I might start with Caroline. I am starting to feel all saucy and flirtatious. So I may as well start with the hot chick who turned out to be interesting and complex.

Caroline. The last part pronounced “Ein” not “Inn”. Not that anybody cares.

I’ll never forget the first time I saw Caroline.

She looked exactly – and I mean Exactly – like Grace Slick. Hair, nose, eyes, smile, everything.

I had just turned 30 and started a new job in Juneau. My first real job that led to a career in HR. There was an espresso stand I drove through on most days.

One day, I pulled in and there was a new girl. She opened the window and leaned out, smiling.

I froze and could not speak for a minute. Holy Shit. This chick looks like Grace Slick, minus the blazer eyes. How can this be possible?

Caroline smiled radiantly and blushed. I’m sure she was used to getting this reaction from the boys, but she seemed amused by finding herself staring into the eyes of an awestruck woman.

“Are you going to want a drink?” She asked, half chuckling. Finally I gathered myself and managed to order a coffee.

I continued staring as she made the coffee. She looked over at me a couple of times and blushed.

Finally, she brought the coffee out.

“Hi,” I blurted awkwardly, “Hey, I don’t mean to stare but you look exactly like one of my favorite rock stars. I mean you look exactly like her.”

Caroline smiled, amused. “Oh yeah? Which one?”

She looked young. I knew she wouldn’t be familiar with Slick.

“Grace Slick. Do you know who that is?”

She laughed and said no. Of course. Caroline was 21, and she wasn’t a little rocker chick.

“Okay,” I said, “Google her when you get off work. I’m not kidding, you look just like her. It freaked me out for a second.”

I left out the part about how Grace was the sexiest female who ever walked the face of the earth.

Naturally, I started visiting Caroline every day. The next day I came back.

I could feel my temperature rising as I pulled up to the window.

There she was, smiling with that radiant light as she pulled the window open.

The first thing she said was, “You’re right! She does look like me!”

I laughed and grinned, pleased that she had followed through on looking Grace up. I didn’t bother correcting her that since Slick was born first, and a long time ago, that actually she looked like Slick and not the other way around.

Caroline may have looked like my favorite rock star, but the comparison ended there. Before we became friends I could already tell she was super sweet. No cynicism or any of that darkness. She was quick to smile and very upbeat and cheerful.

She had to know that I thought she was hot, and she tolerated it sweetly as she made my espresso each morning while I smiled my little ass off and chatted with her.


okay. More tomorrow. haha sorry.

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