Vaginas in Heaven

*Warning – if you’re offended by abstract art, vaginas, or anything related, skip this post. I’ve gained new followers due to my spiritual breakthrough and following a bunch of people who run spiritual blogs. I don’t want to scare people off, haha. I have diverse interests.

A friend introduced me to Dream by Wombo last night. I could waste a lot of time on that app if I didn’t watch my ass. I have other shit to do.

For anyone who doesn’t know…. you download the app, enter a phrase, and AI generates art for you based on that phrase. It’s pretty kickass.

They have several different themes. You can say “Puppy dog with Santa” and choose between themes. “Fantasy Art”, “HD”, “Dark Fantasy”, “Psychic”, “Festive” and so on. The AI will then generate a piece of art for you based on the theme you pick.

Well, I like vaginas and I like heaven. Thus, “Vaginas in Heaven”. Below you will see Vaginas in Heaven in all the various themes. A gallery.

Second Warning – some of these are disturbing.

This is my favorite. I love it.

The above is a silver medalist. This is the “Festive” theme.

Mystical theme
This one is fucked up. It looks a little like Kurt Cobain’s art somehow.
Pastel theme. Looks like 1960’s art. Beatles come to mind.
The AI decided, despite my prompts, to start making art that was more penis leaning.

Your welcome, everybody.

4 thoughts on “Vaginas in Heaven

    1. Hahaaa, clearly this must be my new local friend 🙂. I have to say – I don’t know what the hell an Oracle Deck is, but after 2 mentions about it on your part, I will definitely be doing some Google research soon 😆

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