Introducing… Holly (who surprised me with her fiction talent!)

I enjoy promoting other fantastic bloggers. I’ve actually promoted Holly once before in the past, but this is before I learned that she is a talented fiction writer! She used to simply journal. I promoted her in the past because her online diary was (and still is) hilarious at times.

She still journals, but now she treats followers to her storytelling talent between journal posts. Below I’ve pasted the first part of one story. It’s a dark little number about a killer named Ralph.

For the full series, visit this link:

*tip – you have to start at the bottom of the post and scroll up to read the entire series. That’s just how her blog is.

Okay, here’s that sample:

Ralph – by Holly

Claire searched frantically through the house looking for her husband. She finally found him, not dead, “thank God”, she thought, but wrapped like a mummy in plastic. She didn’t know how he was still breathing, but he was. And panicking. She tore at the plastic covering his face with her fingers. It was so thick and stretchy she couldn’t breach it. She knew she was running out of time, but she had to leave him again. “I’m coming back!”, she yelled at him. He stopped squirming for a moment, shocked perhaps? She couldn’t see his face clearly to be sure. A strained squeal leaked from his wrappings, but she had no time to waste reassuring him.

She leapt up and looked around. She was in a bedroom, fully furnished. Rushing to the dresser, she violently snatched drawers open, praying for a tool of some sort. “Fuck!” she yelled when she found the first two empty. She opened a third, again finding nothing. She wrenched the open drawer up and down in the dresser until it broke, hoping for a sliver of wood that she could use to free Carl. Having no luck, she smashed the drawer against the dresser until she did. It had been only seconds, less than a minute, she was sure, but Carl had grown still.

She rushed to his side. “I’m here, I’ve got you, just hang on.”

She pulled the plastic taut and away from Carl’s face then stabbed at it with the drawer fragment. The point broke and the splintered wood dug into her hand, but she kept at it. She was chanting “no, no, no” under her breath like a mantra. Finally, she was able to make a hole large enough to get a few fingers into, and she used all her strength to make it large enough to allow Carl to breathe. But he didn’t breathe. He didn’t move. She threw her tool down and started pressing on his chest, trying desperately to revive him. Nothing. Her mantra grew louder and more agonized.

She kept at it, blind with grief until suddenly Carl jolted, drawing a screaming breath.

She laughed though her tears, wild with excitement and relief.  Carl was still trapped, but he was alive. “I’ve got you! Hold on. I’ve got you.” Claire said as she moved back to the hole to start tearing again, exposing the rest of Carl’s face. Then, Claire’s head was gone. Her torso slowly tilted forward, falling onto Carl’s wrapped chest, the blood pouring forth from his wife’s neck filling his nose and mouth, silencing his screams.

“That’s better.” Said Ralph. He walked to the bed and wiped his machete clean on the crisp white duvet. The contrast was stark, almost artful. He thought it added some much-needed flair to this boring ass room.


What a hell of a beginning, huh? It gets so much better than this.

She also has a touching story “Lucy and Luther” which is equal parts adorable and disturbing. Holly’s talent for mixing horror with cuteness is mind-boggling. I don’t know how she does it, but it’s pretty awesome.

You can find even more fiction if you visit Holly’s external site and click on “short stories”.


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