Version Battle – You Keep Me Hanging On

This post is inspired by Grace. I needed breakfast material, so she did me a favor. Grace is apparently not a fan of girl groups or the overproduction of Motown sound. Whereas, The Supremes doing this song makes my nipples hard, and it inspires a desire for me to walk in circles in my living room listening to it. For comparison, let’s hear 1 other version and then a jaw-dropping medley by Tim Buckley which features the song at the end. The way he segues into the song with his acoustic still gets me.

And since it’s V-day and Supremes annoy Grace 😆, I will feature another song that I love, the Symphony song. I LOVE this shit. Come on Grace, can’t you see the tall handsome black man with a thin mustache and a million dollar smile giving her flowers and does it not make you swoon a little inside? 😁 this song makes me want to wear a pink dress. In reality I am rather boyish, but this song makes my soul put on a pink dress. Ross’s mastery of the vocals here kills me. Utter perfection. The way she does a lispy and whispy thing on certain words to bring an extra little femininity…absolute mastery.

now if you’ll excuse me I must swoon to this last song a time or two and then I must return to my work station.


5 responses to “Version Battle – You Keep Me Hanging On”

  1. No, I LOVE girl groups…you inspired me to go find the cd I made called “Grrl Power” and I posted it in IG (it automatically cross posts to FB) and I was gonna post it on WP…

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    • Oh I see, I thought you were saying you did not like girl groups but maybe you were just referring to the Motown girls or overproduction in general. Yay, I am happy to inspire you to find your CD 😃

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      • Oh honey, you know when it comes to music I got OPINIONS – gonna email you the cd insert for the Grrl Power…I don’t have the wherewithal to make cds anymore or I would make and send you a copy…

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  2. Girls, girls, girls!!! I love girl groups, always have. (Even had a quiet love of the Spice Girls, please don’t tell anyone.) The Supremes are giving me all kinds of good feelings right now. I was singing these songs using our fireplace as a stage and using a hair brush as a mic when I was a child😊

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