Last night the lady and I were doing Tarot. Govinda the cat was very interested in the shuffling of the cards.

I decided to pull a card for him.

As B read the description, I started laughing my ass off. It said that Two of Cups can be a romance, or it can be a very deep and serious friendship.

About 6 months ago, B brought home Emmett Siddartha, known by his first name of Emmett, often just “E” when I am texting to her about him.

Govinda (G) accepted E right away and was thrilled to have a companion. G grooms him, cuddles with him, wrestles with him and teaches him things.

The reading went on to say many things that are typically more geared toward humans, including that G should take care not to lose his identity in his love for E.

Hahaaa, I was laughing so hard. Can’t have cats being too co-dependent on one another.

The best part – and this part spooks me sometimes – the birds on the card are blonde and black. G and are blonde and black.

And then…G really liked his card and was sniffing it, laying his paw on it and shit. They have good eyes, he probably saw the feathers. Still, sometimes one has to wonder.

4 responses to “Cat Tarot”

  1. When I saw the title ‘Cat Tarot” I thought you were referring to the tarot deck I use – The Tarot of the Cat People” – nope but a sweet post anyway. The Tarot of the Cat People is not a popular deck, it seems a lot of people are put off by it – it was given to me as a gift and of course it is perfect for me –

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  2. Curious. Really sets me to thinking. I think synchronicity is cool. Even some very devout Bible Belt Christians I know would say, when pressed, that miracles are typically ordinary events that take place at just the right moment.
    I once had two cats. Never a dull moment, unless they were both sleeping precisely 1.7 feet from one another.

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