Grace, I don’t like this illustrated book.

I fucking love it. Thank you. 💗. Love it so much I am doing a post about it. I can’t wait to bring this book over to my girlfriend’s house and show it to her. 

Yes, first of all Grace remembered my freaking birthday after I mentioned it once. This surprised me. How sweet and delightful.

I vaguely remember that Grace was a March baby. (I think!?) And I sent her a card. I live in the moment and have never been real thoughtful about remembering people’s birthday dates.

But.. to send me this beautiful book, I am happily speechless. I did not expect this. I mean she told me she was sending it and everything…but I missed the part about how it was so huge and beautiful. What did I expect? Not sure. But not this.

 I took some pictures.. but of course they are not going to get the magic across wholesale. The book has words and ALL of the words matter. It’s not worth explaining because it’s super loaded, plus I have to read it from start to finish a couple more times in order to fully absorb it myself. It’s about life.

I simply got excited and had to pull out the camera and gush.

That is just the tip of the iceberg. Some of her stuff reminds me of Ralph Gleason, the guy who illustrated for Hunter Thompson. Like, the soft feminine version of the same demented vibe. Love it.

Grace made me hungry when I was being stubborn about not eating because I didn’t want to deal with The Fear. Back when it was worse and I could go two days on nothing but Boost and not bat an eye. But. My anxiety was off the charts.

I remember the day I started reading Grace’s blog. Ashley Peterson of “Mental Health @ Home” was going on about Seinfeld in a post.

 Grace commented that Seinfeld was the worst show in history. She was all abrasive about it. In a way that you don’t often see on blogs. This woman has some serious voice.

I didn’t know she was a New York native or anything about her, so my first thought was “who is this asshole?” 😅🤣😂

I had to go check out this asshole’s blog. The first post I saw linked to a video explaining the different NYC borough accents. “Oh,” I said to myself, “that explains a lot.” Hahaa.

Then I saw this basic Italian recipe and I thought I was going to pass out from food lust. I love Italian food. Love, love, love. She was explaining the recipe.

I nearly got out of bed at 9 p.m. to go eat something that night. And I was terrified of food. I decided I liked her and started following her.

Grace blog isn’t for everyone, but I was hooked and I could see why Ashley liked her too, Ashley being a tough curmudgeon herself. 

 Then I started making rigatoni, when I could finally eat! And I called it spaghetti and whoa, look out. Grace schooled me that it is named by the NOODLE. I use rigatoni noodles, so that is what we call it.

I really think Grace gave me a little help in getting back to eating. Some of it was my own native stubborn ways, but seeing her blog helped. There was a few recipes.

I’d almost sacrifice a limb to eat an italian meal prepared by Grace. But seeing as she lives over there on the other side of the country, a lovely illustrated book, fittingly poetic and bittersweet, well, that will do.

Grace this post is my love letter to you 🙂 thank you once again.  

8 responses to “Awww, Grace”

  1. As much as I read and often fall in love with books I am total crap in describing them – so instead of book reviews I send copies to people. You summed up “All the Colors of Life” as “poetic and bittersweet” and that’s perfect.

    The book is wonderful on so many levels – first you just flip through just oohing and ahhing over the gorgeous pictures, then maybe you go through it a bit more slowly and read the words, then you flip through again, stopping at the ones that talk to you in a personal way then when some of the wonderment wears off you begin to see all the humor and all the small details that escaped you during the first emotional trips through this marvelous world….

    BTW – my birthday is in October! You sent me a card last year because it was a milestone birthday for me. No card necessary this year – 76 years old? Meh…

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