Hi, I’m Melissa.

I’m an avid fan of music, and occasionally literature.

I noticed that a lot of people check out my About page after 1 post, then take off.  So let’s change this content up a little:

Go read some more of my shit.

Not just my About page in addition to whatever I promoted on reddit (or wherever).

You won’t be bored, I promise.

I fookin’ rock.

FEED THE BEAST OF MY ATTENTION NEED and maybe I’ll be inspired to write more.

I’m not one of these self-deluded douchenozzles who think they’re good at writing but are not.  I mean sure, I could use a little more polish and practice, but I got the soulz and the bluez and the light.

Feedback and constructive criticism are welcome:


Feel free to leave comments.

(Although trolls will be ignored)