Mystery Author! Episode 2

This is the second installment where I have typed up something delicious by a famous author for your reading pleasure. As a reminder, we play this game: You don’t know who wrote it until the end. Rule: Don’t cheat by scrolling all the way down first (unless you’re a douchebag who likes to ruin good […]

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Playing Hookey

The sound of rain greets me in the morning. I smile and pull the fleece blankets up to my chin. I roll over and dread rising, as always these days, but I’m consoled by the pitter patter. It pleases me that it finally started raining. I love the sound of it. I also enjoy that […]

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A New Method

How’s that for a Featured Image: It’s a pretty good representation of my mood today. As I’ve demonstrated, I have been pretty insane lately. I’ve pretty much reached my limit on how much insanity I can experience. So I sat around this morning really thinking things over. I sometimes do this thing where I picture […]

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Mystery Author! Episode 1

For the longest time, I’ve had a great blog idea.  I wanted to type up a chapter from various books I love for your entertainment… and not tell you who the author is until the end. That’s the fun part. I never followed up due to the enormous work it entails, and other competing priorities. […]

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Every now and then someone descends into The Forum with a head full of imaginary rockets and emotional ecstasy. His soul catches fire, his heart is lit with joy, his eyes cast up to the stars, his perception charges forward with visions of grandeur.  He’s just one more song away from the sky and oblivion. […]

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Podcast – Episode 3 – The ZS

Oh here we are again, talking into a recorder to blog because lazzzzzy, ya’ll. The last episode was geared toward my fellow mental health strugglers, but this one is more universal in nature and speaks to everyone. Rambling topics include… how we are all vicariously crawling deeper into the interwebs these days, the restlessness of […]

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Part II – The Witch Returns

The witch walked along the moonlit path wearing a scowl. Leaves crunched under her feet in the chill air.  She stopped, picked up a stick from the path and hurled it into the woods furiously. She knew this was coming.  She’d been called up for a meeting with the Grand Rock Council, a local chapter […]

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Return of The Witch

The witch hid in the bushes, eyes narrowed, watching the house closely. Any minute now, she thought. She waited breathlessly for the result of 5 weeks’ worth of hard study. It was a clear moonlit night. She gazed into the yard and squinted. Shadows of the porch beams crossed the grass, slanting across the yard. […]

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