Depressive Reflections

It’s amazing how well people in a depressive phase can hide it.  Or maybe it’s less that we hide it, and more that it goes in phases through the day.  Like grief.  Or maybe both. I’m writing tonight because it’s not time to go to bed yet. And I don’t have much energy to do […]

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Sober Days Redux

Earlier in the month I behaved, and documented the process on my blog almost daily for a week or two.  I’m reposting that series with modification and edits.  Mostly as a contrast to my last post and to show that I can be level-headed.  This is a nice demonstration of a person with a mental […]

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Part II – The Witch Returns

The witch walked along the moonlit path wearing a scowl. Leaves crunched under her feet in the chill air.  She stopped, picked up a stick from the path and hurled it into the woods furiously. She knew this was coming.  She’d been called up for a meeting with the Grand Rock Council, a local chapter […]

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Return of The Witch

The witch hid in the bushes, eyes narrowed, watching the house closely. Any minute now, she thought. She waited breathlessly for the result of 5 weeks’ worth of hard study. It was a clear moonlit night. She gazed into the yard and squinted. Shadows of the porch beams crossed the grass, slanting across the yard. […]

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