I can’t find an audio app that doesn’t pick up allll the string squeak on that last one. The last one I made up and it’s called “Billy Corgan and Ani Difranco had a Baby.” heh heh heh heh. You’ll see. -ZS

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Mystery Author! Episode 2

This is the second installment where I have typed up something delicious by a famous author for your reading pleasure. As a reminder, we play this game: You don’t know who wrote it until the end. Rule: Don’t cheat by scrolling all the way down first (unless you’re a douchebag who likes to ruin good […]

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Mystery Author! Episode 1

For the longest time, I’ve had a great blog idea.  I wanted to type up a chapter from various books I love for your entertainment… and not tell you who the author is until the end. That’s the fun part. I never followed up due to the enormous work it entails, and other competing priorities. […]

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Erowid Tuesday

I did two posts yesterday, and they were both so stupid that I trashed the drafts. I am capable of writing fairly well, but lately that writing happens in my head while I am walking or out on a trail. I am not one to stop my hike and pull my device out of the […]

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Reclaiming Sundays

It’s nice to have my Sundays back, I have to say. Free to hike. Free to go to the store and get a mix of non alcoholic beer and Gatorade for me and B to work while it’s hot and stick it in mini coolers. Free to do whatever. Yesterday was good. Some of this […]

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New Horizons

I am feeling a bit moody today, so I decided to purposely use a positive-sounding title to hopefully make myself feel a little more positive. Well…one of the Event Host gals decided to own the Meetups I stepped down from. She has her work cut out for her. I laughed as I read her intro […]

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Cute Animal Videos

I uploaded some videos that I wanted to share. The newest ones are first. The first video features cats and squirrels checking each other out. It starts off slow, but stick with it… and you see my squirrels and B’s two cats checking each other out. They are both like “WTF?” This is Govinda Marty […]

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Da Witch Emerges

heh heh heh heh. I found another good republish for the filter. And this time it’s my work. I’m delighted at the result. I’ll post the original at the bottom. Da Witch Emerges Da witch sat hunkered down in her hoopty up in a seedy Fred Meyer parkin lot in tha shittiest part of […]

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A Worthy Republish

Last week I looked up this blog on Not all posts were available, however, my feature about Grace was available to run through the Gizoogle filter. I was so pleased with the results that I decided to Republish some of it here. To see the original Grace feature, click below. The original is awesome […]

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The Aurora Lamp

The pictures did not adequately capture the amazing magic of this thing. Then I remembered all about YouTube… and videos and stuff. I was also just talking about SP, and I have the lamp sitting next to the SP flag. Which makes it even cooler because the flag features the same color palette as the […]

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How to Craft a Killer Cover Letter

Most people hate writing cover letters.  It’s understandable – you’ve already submitted a resume highlighting your key skills and attributes.  Why do you need to submit a cover letter? Here’s the thing – once you master writing cover letters, you’ve gained an incredible opportunity. You can use additional information gathered in your skills listing to further […]

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How to Craft a Skills Listing

The first step to building a killer resume is to craft a comprehensive skills listing document. If you’ve been at the same job for a while, or if you’ve been out of the job market for an extended period, writing down your skills and accomplishments in a loose format will prepare you to organize this […]

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How to Craft a Killer Resume

Creating a phenomenal resume is easier than you might think. It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to the workforce or a seasoned professional; with the right mindset and a few marketing tricks, you can create a resume that stands above the crowd.   In this article, I’ll show you how to craft a killer resume […]

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Introduction: Job Hunt Series

I’m on a mission today.  I want to help job candidates improve their chances of nailing a job. My purpose is to help you – the job hunter – navigate the complex world of self-promotion in the current job market.   I’ve interviewed for many positions as an HR job candidate, and I’ve learned from my […]

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Mystery Author! Episode 3

It’s been a while since I’ve done Mystery Author.   In this feature, I type up a chapter (or more) from a famous book or other source for your reading pleasure.  The fun part is you don’t find out who the author is until the end.  This one is incredibly special.  Consequently, it’s much longer than […]

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Introducing…Grace St. Clair

I follow some fabulous writers, and I enjoy promoting them so that people who enjoy my blog can get to know other writers I follow. Today is all about Grace.   Now, that link is Grace’s current blog… but today I want to talk about her old blog on Blogger.  It has some jewels. If […]

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Caroline, Part 3

Memories are fuzzy, but Caroline and I spent more time together. We went to bars together a couple of times. She insisted on driving, and I have a delightful memory of pulling into a gas station and watching a couple of guys become absolutely enthralled as Caroline stepped out of the vehicle. She was slender […]

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Winter Hiking

I’m in the mood to share photos, I guess. Most of these are from last winter, local trails around my home in Olympia. There’s a couple exceptions which I have noted. I am ready for winter again. July and August are not my favorite months in Washington.

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