Autumn in Alaska

This is from a couple years ago, and these are my photographs. These are from Lake Hood, Kincaid Park/Cook Inlet, and the home where I grew up in Wasilla. I’m noticing now that there isn’t a whole lot of mountain pictures. This is becuase in the Anchorage area, the mountains are kind of far-off…unlike Juneau where you can walk right up to the base of them and start climbing.

Juneau is also pretty magical, although it’s completely different than what you see below.

In the fifth photo down, you can see the mountains through the trees, if you look closely. I’m missing Alaska, so today was a great day to repost this. I might follow up with the winter version.

The photo above, if memory serves, is not even edited at all.
Edited photo.

The photo directly above is not even edited. That’s the original in late September, Alaska at a hotel on Lake Hood and it’s just really that gorgeous.

Hiking path at Kincaid Park.
I want to live in Kincaid Park. Beyond the trees you see here is the wide open and beautiful Cook Inlet.
Sucker hole.
Paved path at Kincaid Park.
This one is also not edited and perfectly great natural.
A scene from my father’s man cave.
heh heh heh heh.
Actual photograph of ducks taking off at the lake I grew up on. I edited a few to make them look like paintings. Sometimes you just get lucky. Try scaring shit out of some ducks by running at them. Then take a photo. That is what I did.
Eating corn I threw in the water. They eat out of my Dad’s hand.
My Dad’s plane. Natural / not edited.
Kincaid, again. Never gets old.



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